Done Deactived My Facebook.


I'm done. Done doing things that was hard to do but I did it anyway. I'd deactived my Facebook. Now I'm only active in blogger. I'm very sorry for those that I'd hurt their feelings. I know I wasn't good enough as a girl. I'm not a grown up child like you thought. But seriously, this is so hard for me. I'm not strong, but at least I still can smile even everyone knows that it is a fake smile.

After my Facebook, I'm going to off my handphone. I'd thought about him, about everyone. But once again I'm sorry. I had to. Raya is just nine days left. I even don't know if my eid this year will be like past years. I can see my mom wants me to be like the old me. Sorry mom, it is not the same. I've turn colours. My attitude is not like the real me anymore. You got it?

Dad always want me to do the best, to get the best. I've tried to do everything to satisfy himself. I did it. Now he is not the old him anymore. He is acting nice to me. Thank God. I love him so much.

As you know, there's more. My family had change. From bad to good. But it was different to my other family.

Brother (: ,

Aku tak suruh hang backing aku or what lah. Aku tau keadaan hang sekarang. Aku faham. Sebab tu aku tak mao pressure hang sikit pun. Hang tengah exam, tak payah lah tambah tension hang lagi. Takdak guna. Aku mintak maaf wehh sebab buat hang tersepit. Sekarang, untuk hang, aku mintak tak payah lah fikir teruk teruk pasal aku.

Aku sayang hang weh. For sure aku sayang hang. Sebab tu aku buat macam ni. Faham aku kayy? Aku tao aku nie adik jeaa. Tak patut harapkan apa apa. And, memang aku tak harapkan apa apa. Aku cuma terkilan sikit ja. Terasa sikit ja. Jangan risau pasal aku kayy? Aku en kuad :')

Aku nak yang terbaik untuk hang. Aku nak tengok hang berjaya. Aku pernah cakab enn? Aku harap aku boleh tengok hang even dari jauh pun. Aku tak kesah. Aku tao hampa semua boleh move on kalau aku takdak pun. Hampa kan kuad. Hang en kuad. Macam aku?

Sekali lagi aku nak cakab, aku tak harap hang backing aku atau apa. Atoi dah explain semua. Hang tersepit kat tengah. Aku takmau hang tersepit dah. Jadi, jangan susah hati fikir lagi kay? Aku okay. Yes, I'm gonna be fine. Just fine.

I hope my life after this gonna be awesome. I can handle this. Yes, I can. Trust yourself, Fatyn :')
Masyehh awok (: Tekan LIKE pulak yee :p

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