So, hows your day? Fun ah? Damn I missed that camp so much.

It taught me how to be brave. How to face challenges. How to face life. And Ive met amazing people out there. People that make me realize that Im not alone. People that know how to make me smile, that care about me so much. Ive did everything, almost everything to make things become better than before. But I cant. Not all things can be fixed right?

I reviewed what my mom had said. Im not alone. Everyone is there for me. I must be strong. This isnt the ending. This is just the beginning. My journey is still far. I cant give up.

The moment when my life turns upside down, I felt like Im in hell. Satan rules my life. Make me become miserable. But there s still a chance for me to fix everything. Everything.

My spirit just flew away. I have no strength. This is so not me. Come on life. Please be fair :') Where s the old me? Where is it?

Nevermind, I just hope everything is gonna be okay. Soon. It will Fatin. It will :')
Masyehh awok (: Tekan LIKE pulak yee :p