Face it or run from it.

Just guess who is that fuller? Hm. Its me. Yeah its me the one that always in a sad angry and unpredictable mood. Form my very first sentence you've got what I meant kan? Yeah, Im in a sad mood right now. Sorry guys, cant tell you. No cant do.

The moment when I met you last year I thought that you re the one. Seriously boy I know that we re meant for each other. I did start first right? You know what? Its an akward moment which I started first. I seldom do that you know. But with you, I didnt feel ashamed at all. My finger just cant stop from typing words fer you. Then I became shocked when I looked at ur profile. OUR BIRTHDAY b. Its same.

Trust me. Until now, I just feel the same way. My feelings never change. Never ever. I will love you till forever. I accept the way you treat me. I accept you for who you are not who are you cause for me, everything that comes from you is just the most beautiful things that Ive ever seen. Boy, Ive gave my heart for you. Please take a good care of it k.

I prefer to face what has come to me. Not run from it. I know some things will come after. Do what you want, and I ll be here waitin for you. No matter how many times my heart breaks, no matter what you do to me, no matter what I feels, no matter what happen, I ll be the same me for you. Just for you.

Im a strong girl. Yes I am. I know how strong I am, sometimes I ll be down. My spirit and my strength just flew away. Thats when I feel like killing myself, and thats when I know that Allah is here, with me. Im just an ordinary girl. Not like others, Im unique. Ive did many bad things before and I ll fixed it when I have the chances to do so. Please guys, dont put me on a pressure. You dont know how pressure I am. Everyday every moment every second I have to think about others. But others? Did you think about me? About my feelings? Someday I ll get crazy. Trust me

You re English is better. Yes I know. But Im tryin. Sorry for any broken words. Read it and understands it. Thanks.

Masyehh awok (: Tekan LIKE pulak yee :p


puteяi ʓαняα said...

ALLAH always helps the people who always remember him either in easy or hard. be strong sis ^^ :)


Fatyn Flaneur said...

thanks puteri (;

maiza ridzuan said...

kak fatin kan kuat. sabar kay..